Modelling and Cure Kinetics of Soybean Oil Based Polyurethanes and its Preliminary Application in Prepregs

F. Armanasco, S. D’hers, L.M. Chiacchiarelli

Soybean oil based polyurethane samples were analyzed using DSC so as to obtain a cure kinetics model. An autocatalytic model with reaction order 3 was found that represents the cure of the system, having an activation energy (Ea) of 14 kJ.mol-1. A conversion (α) of 0.3 was used to manufacture prepregs. From the phenomenological model it can be inferred that the system needed 15 min. to reach that conversion for an isothermal experiment at 25°C. To address the effect of porosity, ply stacking sequence, compression and curing temperatures, a mesoscale FEM model was developed. Cohesive elements were introduced in the model so as to capture interply properties. Critical Fracture Energies for mode I and II (GIC and GIIC) interply parameters were adjusted from experimental ILLS values obtained at different processing conditions.  

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